3789358, 1170 Terrill Rd*, Scotch Plains Twp.* (2916)
Front view
Front View 2
Driveway Front View
Front Door
Backyard view from the house
Back door view
Back of the house
View from edge of the backyard
Living Room
Living Room View 2
Living Room View 3
Dining Room
Kitchen View 2
Kitchen View 3
Kitchen View 4
Family Room
Family Room 2
Family Room 3
Rec Room
Rec Room 2
Powder Room
Main Bath
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 3 En-suite
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom 2
Dressing Room
Closet View
Master Bathroom
Deck attached to Master Bed
Floor plan 1
Floor Plan 2
Floor Plan 3
Floor Plan 4